Friday, December 16, 2011

Ornament Contest Info....

Thank you for all your entries!  I plan on continuing with this idea every December, and as time goes on hope to have many more entries.
This blog will also serve as a "gallery" to show off my designs and your finishes.  I learned a thing or two with this contest.  I will be working on an "entry form" so the stitcher will have a place to list the design leaflet/source, the fabric and fibers used, and image requirements.
There is now missing image because I cannot open the files and have sent the stitchers a request to resend.  If you will hold off your voting for a day or so until we get the images, that would be wonderful.  If the images are not up by Sunday at noon, then I will have to disqualify them but they can participate in next year's contest. 
You can only vote once, and there are some wonderful choices.  Thanks for the submissions, and thanks for the votes!  There will be two prizes, one for peoples choice (that's YOU) and the other one will be MY choice.  Winners will be posted on the blog at 6:00 pm on December 20th.  Enjoy!

PS- Click on each picture for a larger view!

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