Friday, December 16, 2011

Ornament #3 by Claudia Bourgeois

This design can be found in the leaflet Traditional Trees 2011 from
Sue Hillis Designs.
32 ct. Ivory linen by HDF (any light colored linen could be used)
Green - HDF 3229/3241/3339    (BeLeaved could be used as well as your favorite tonal green variegated)
Red - HDF 6217/1111/1235/1141 (BeRedded could be used as well as your favorite tonal red variegated)
Gold - HDF Guilded Cage or your favorite gold variegated

Pears are stitched with a strand Guilded Cage and a strand Kreinik metallic blending filament 002HL (gold)

Beads are 11/0 seed beads in transparent ruby from fire mountain gems.  Any translucent red seed bead could be used.

Backing is a ruby red shantung silk but any matching red fabric could be used.

Silk ribbon ruched edge:  Double thickness of HDF 13mm Perfect Red 6217 and BeLeaved.  I put the two ribbons together and stitched them as one, to get the 2-color effect.

Bows - BeLeaved and Perfect Red 6217, and gold 3/16" from Hobby Lobby

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