Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Thank you to the stitchers who entered the contest!  This was a learning experience for all of us.  There will be another finishing contest next year, so start thinking about it now!  Next time, there will be another winner chosen by me, and I now have a Posse of Professionals in place to choose their choice of best finish.  The Posse includes shopowners, manufacturers/suppliers, and fellow designers.  I would like to encourage more comments next year.  I love the feedback you provide and so do the entrants.
Regardless of the voting kerfluffle, I consider the contest a success...the point was to view some unique finishes and learn from the stitchers what appeals to them, and I did get an inkling of the favorites early on. 
Now for the winners: 
The Posse's choice was #10, submitted by Karen Decker (the "Wish you Peace" design made into the triangular box with the tinsel ribbon).
My choice was #1, submitted by Amy SC  (the Peace Tree with the mother of pearl buttons sewn on the edges).
Gift certificates from 123 for the winners will be ordered in the morning, and tomorrow I will put names of the entrants next to their submissions.
Thanks everyone! 

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